Network of Regional Integration Studies – NETRIS

Strengthening regional integration studies in the ACP countries

The specific purpose of NETRIS is to establish and coordinate a network of ACP Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) working within the field of (comparative) regional integration. The overall objectives of the network are to strengthen the research and training capacities of the partners in the field of regional integration studies, to stimulate mutual learning, shared practices and collective dissemination, and encourage policy relevant research.

NETRIS partners present at the Final Conference, 22-24 November 2011, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, UNECA premises
From left to right from back row to the front row: Dr. Mark Kirton (IIR/UWI), Mr. Eric Maertens (UNU-CRIS), Dr. Jim Fairburn (UKZN), Prof. Tim Shaw (IIR/UWI), Dr. Yves Mandjem (IRIC), Dr. Jean Kenfack (IRIC), Prof. Saidou Tall (UCAD), Mr. Michael Tedla (AAU), Mr. Emmanuel Fanta (UNU-CRIS), Prof. Seydi Dieng (UCAD), Dr. Sunil Kumar (USP), Mr. Jean Ngendahimana (UDSM), Dr. Tolu Muliaina (USP), Ms. Vanessa Tang (UKZN), Dr. Richard Simson (UKZN), Ms. Kathleen Van Hove (ECDPM), Dr. Hong Chen (USP), Dr. Kusha Haraksingh (UWI), Ms. Maria Cristina Macovei (CoE/UNU-CRIS), Ms. Melissa Dalleau (ECDPM), Mrs. Saba Yifredew (AAU)

Reinforcing the research capacity on regional integration of ACP researchers

NETRIS will provide for assistance and consultations to reinforce the capacity of ACP-based researchers to conduct multidisciplinary research on regional integration. Establishing a network linking ACP researchers will allow for increased exchange among academics working on similar topics. The seminars will improve the capacity of ACP HEIs to conduct research, and will also provide researchers with the adequate methodological tools to undertake comparative research on regional integration. Mobility of research staff will ensure optimal usage of the available expertise from each member institution and at the same time avoid duplication. Favouring mobility of researchers will also favour the mutual enrichment of the network members. The establishment of a knowledge database will resolve the problem of access to information. The virtual platform will also facilitate the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of research results as well as advertise research funding opportunities. Eventually, the network will facilitate the implementation of joint research programmes and favour the harmonisation of HEIs in the ACP.

NETRIS is funded by EDULINK - the ACP-EU Partnership in Higher Education. EDULINK is a programme financed by the European Union and implemented by the ACP Secretariat.

NETRIS is coordinated by the College of Europe/UNU-CRIS and involves 7 partners and 2 associated institutes.